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About Us


What Do Sandwiches Have To Do With SEO?


It is pretty safe to say that you have not come across a company quite like ours in recent years.  We have a straight-forward, "tell it like it is" attitude about everything we do.

Working with us is a lot like walking into a deli and ordering a sandwich - you pick what you want off the menu, customize to suit your taste and when it is all said and done you have a sandwich that has been personalized to give you exactly what you want. We take the same approach to our business of  helping local/regional businesses maximize their web exposure to the appropriate audience for that product or service.

Search Engine Optimization


We Keep SEO Simple –
We Just Do What Works.


We offer affordable SEO solutions for your local or regional business. We develop a strategy just for your business that relates to what you want to accomplish, your local area and who you are competing with. From there, we launch a SEO plan that helps you gain every possible advantage in your local area on the web.

Oh, and for the record, we don’t do “black hat” or gimmicky SEO work that will hurt you in the long run. We also don’t play games with selling you on ranking for keywords that can be “number 1”, but don’t give any real value. You benefit from an actual US-based staff who really know their stuff.

Optimized Websites


Cool Sites Are Only ½ The Battle… You Need Action


Our website design services combine lots of what we do as part of our SEO services. We help you figure out what you want your web site to accomplish. We then assess what your current site does great and then not so much.

Along with making the site look amazing, we focus on how to fix weaknesses and build on strengths. We build sites that are super search engine friendly from the beginning and are set up around your goals.

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