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What Do Sandwiches Have To Do With SEO?


It is pretty safe to say that you have not come across a company quite like ours in recent years.  We have a straight-forward, "tell it like it is" attitude about everything we do.

Working with us is a lot like walking into a deli and ordering a sandwich - you pick what you want off the menu, customize to suit your taste and when it is all said and done you have a sandwich that has been personalized to give you exactly what you want. We take the same approach to our business of  helping local/regional businesses maximize their web exposure to the appropriate audience for that product or service.

To really break it down for you... we don't have a sales team, we have a menu. You tell us what you want off the menu and we do it for you. Pretty simple.

If you have been shopping around for a company to do your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), chances are pretty good that you have found that there are a plethora of sites out there touting their prowess in field of SEO while boldly promising that they will get you to #1 on Google. Chances are also pretty good that you read through their promo, got caught up in the hype and managed to fill your own head with delusions of grandeur about sitting on fat stacks of cash because you "own" the number one spot on Google for "gym",  "pest control", "massage" or whatever it is that you do or sell.  Then, when you couldn't take it anymore, you likely filled out a form and got a call from someone wanting to sell you.

Nothing against sales people, but when the price of the sandwich isn't posted on the menu board, how do you know you are getting a good deal? Is there a better sandwich on the menu that you just didn't know about? Are you paying more than the last guy paid for the same sandwich? You just don't know.

Anyway, if you went so far as to try any of these SEO firms, you probably found out that it is pretty easy to rank number 1 on Google... if you type in "polish sausage meat deli Peoria" or "car cleaner wash Ex-uber-shine". At that moment, all the questions you probably didn't think to ask when you were talking to the sales person just came rushing back into your head. Well, you can just consider that a lesson learned.

We never want any of our customers to experience something like that. And if the paragraphs above describe something you had to go through, we only hope that you didn't get taken for too much of your hard earned cash. As a consolation prize, anyone who has been through this is more than welcome to sign up for our free membership to the site and browse through our do-it-yourself posts until you are comfortable doing business with us.

So to answer the question: What do sandwiches have to do with SEO? I guess the right answer would be not much... however, if you like getting exactly what you ordered at a fair price, we are happy to meet your acquaintance and look forward to doing business with you.


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