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Why SEO is Like Weight Loss

By on Aug 12, 2013 in Long Haul SEO, Stuff You Should Know | 0 comments

Jenny Craig sales are sliding downward 4% this year, Weight Watchers has bonked in the first half of the year,  and sales at  Nutrisystem, dropped a sucking 20 percent.  They blame people trying to do it themselves.  With free apps and the internet, why not try right?

Small business owners see this too all the time.  People try to get rid of those bugs before calling an exterminator.  Customers try and take their own pictures for family portraits.  We see it all the time at the ad agency level.  businesses try and do it cheap and with minimal effort first. ... then often, they call the experts.

... and... we actually advocate this approach first believe it or not!  Why?

Well, like weight loss, some of the best customers we (or any small business) have only get the value of a structured, smart and proven approach. after trying and it not working so hot.  The CEO of NutriSystem, said their typical customer is someone who has "tried other approaches and has decided they need something more structured."

Sometimes paying someone else to help you makes sense, especially if it works better.  $2.99 for an app that you didn't lose weight from is still a worse value than something for $20 that works.

It's all about value.  If you spend your hard-earned bucks, you should always get more perceived value from what you spend.