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Landing pages – design or technical skills?

By on Nov 14, 2013 in Long Haul SEO | 0 comments


Its fun putting a web designer and an SEO expert in a room together and watch them argue about landing pages.

Web designers are all about the look and user experience for landing pages , while they argue that SEO is a series of Chris Angel type tricks and focuses strictly on numbers. SEO guys feel that landing page designers are all dope-smoking hippies that just want landing pages to look pretty. Many believe the two ideas can’t work together to create a great looking, great performing landing page, but that is simply not true.

Both SEO and design are important elements for every landing page and should be embraced by marketers to create a successful landing page or website. Every landing page needs gripping headlines, copy, and images to grab prospects attention, but if you haven’t done a great job optimized the copy, page title, and headlines to get users to your site, your design for nothing. Likewise, if your site is all optimized but you don’t have quality content and great design then users won’t stick around to check your message.

Clients deserve a compelling experience without cramming pages full of keywords or making things one big image that's supposed to wow people into action. Make the two work together by choosing quality over quantity.

When you hire someone to build landing pages, make sure that they ask questions about BOTH your business goals AND about your brand to determine imagery and also SEO elements.