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Local Restaurant SEO Fail

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OK, so you have a restaurant… In our industry, there are some truths to restaurant local search marketing: Restaurants are among the most searched for local businesses on the Web. Restaurants consistently have Web sites that are both invisible to local search engines and are worthless for potential customers at the same time. Do you see how those two things don’t go well together? Well, unfortunately most restaurants don’t and consistently have a common thread: They’re painful to even look at. They turn off users, are invisible to the local search engines, and the experience they create makes me want to skip a meal. If you’re a restaurant owner in the year 2011, help customers and the search engines by following a few local search engine optimization basics for restaurants. Yes, I know your life is about making delicious meals, but that awesome food is going to sit if no one can find it.   Below are some simple search engine optimization concepts your restaurant Web site should follow:   Lose the Flash. First, don’t set anything on auto-play.  It is 2011 and local search users now control their destinies and also don’t find clicking on a button that hard. We are also likely going to click off your site immediately when the loud music starts playing on our computer at work. Don’t let a web designer talk you into doing something that will only help their portfolio. Everything is moving, everything does something, and users aren’t quite sure what to do. Worse yet, because this designer went for flashy magic instead of readable HTML, all the search engines get is an empty page and doesn’t show up on those iPhones carried by hungry people with money. Sure, cool is nice, but not when it sacrifices the entire experience and your ability to be found by hungry searchers. Café Whatever’s site may win a local restaurant web site award,  but we’d settle for them just making it easy. Provide Location Info/ Map To Your Business Want customers to be able to find you? You want to give the search engines clear signals as to where you’re located and what neighborhoods you’re associated with? Excellent.  Then stop hiding and put...

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