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A site analysis is a universe away from having your brother’s cousin who does "web stuff" look at your site and suggest putting a bunch of meta tags and keywords on your page. There are a couple hundred "things" that go into making a site rank well or not. A complete analysis can help understand how your site can do better and doing something about what you learn could be the difference between you and a higher ranked competitor getting that next job.

Also, because we hear questions about rank daily, ranking alone doesn't necessarily mean you win.  You need to figure out where you rank on different keywords that will drive the most, and most profitable traffic to you. We can tell you that - for free.  We're good at what we do and really only get paid for making people more money through our other services, so we figure if we give away information, you're better informed no matter what you do moving forward.

This is an actual evaluation you can do something with and not a sales pitch, so there's no pressure sell at the end of this.  We're too busy for that.  We'll tell you things you can do yourself, give you ideas and we know your might tell some people about how great we are or keep us in mind for the future - an we're good with that.

Brutally Honest Public Service Announcement: If you are looking at a company that "guarantees" they can get you on page one of Google for $99 or whatever, go ahead and give them your money, then call us in three months when you have actually proven to yourself that it was a horrible idea, so nobody has to argue with you about it being too good to be true.  🙂

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The ABC’s of your FREE Comprehensive Website Analysis


A. Client Survey and Goals Plan

We always start with a thorough survey allowing us to understand your business model, target audience, and business goals and objectives. We can talk for as little as 10 minutes or as long as you'd like.


B. SEO Site Examination (yes, still free)

Following the first step, we look at your site from not only from what visitors see, but what the search engines see and rank you on. We take a complete, under-the-hood look at your website and tell you where there’s room for improvement. The review and evaluation includes things like site architecture, web server configuration, page construction, and the all-important link analysis. This examination also shows how you are doing against your competition and specifically where they are beating you out. The most important thing it tells you is your Value in the market, or in other words, how well your site is being a salesperson for your company.


C. SEO Report & Roadmap

We spell out issues that need to be resolved for improving your search engine rankings, as well as give suggestions on how to fix them. From there, you can start to tackle some of the issues yourself.[/box]


What We Review:



We love keywords... we love figuring out what makes them work and not work and can help you understand what they are doing (or not doing) for you on your site.
Keywords are the foundation of how people look for your type of product or service. However, it is not just the actual words on your site and in your site architecture, but even how they are arranged and structured.

We can help you understand what keywords are going to result in buyers versus search terms for window shoppers. "Hits" to your website do not pay your bills, customers do.

You also get a detailed and thorough keyword competitor analysis. This can help understand the "why" of how someone is outranking you.


The Visibility Test

To understand what could make a search engine "like you more", you need to understand how a search engine actually sees you. You may love your site, but we tell you how you are "seen".

...And of course, we point out any obvious and hidden mistakes that can considerably hurt your search engine listings in an easy-to-understand language.


Link Popularity Analysis

A link popularity score is a critical number that shows how many pages link to a certain page on your site. Search engines use this data in their algorithms to figure out what pages are considered more important and worth assigning higher rankings. We will also let you in on a secret about your links and why they might be helping or hurting you.

The theory behind the link popularity goes like this: the more popular your website is with other websites, the more likely it should be given to rank higher for the same keywords with other things (such as keywords on the page) being equal. (To put it simply... Yes, this is a popularity contest).


Cost for a Comprehensive Website Analysis? Priceless. (...but still FREE).

We started doing SEO for friends, family and clients years ago and would charge about $400 for a report like this. Fortunately for you, all of that experience, and technology improving led us to a very streamlined approach for getting all of this data together in a very efficient manner, so we are happy to now offer this service for free. (Sorry Uncle Joe... and no - you can't have a refund for the difference! :))

Depending on how many report requests we have in the queue, we can usually have your customized Comprehensive Website Analysis back to you in 2-3 business days.



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