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Local Website Search Domination


Our business is centered on you; the local business owner who relies on new business from your local or regional areas for most of their business.

The web remains one of the most cost effective ways to reach buyers who are looking for your type of products “right now”.  Nearly half of all searches for products or services done relate to local area needs!

As a local company, you gain some advantages as your pool of competition is smaller than an international huge company.  However, SEO for local business is somewhat of a different animal than national search, and the SEO companies who “do this too…” usually have a “local package” that may not be as focused and in tune with the latest emerging strategies for local search presence as what we provide.

My SEO Solutions specializes in “geo-targeting” for your business.  We offer affordable SEO solutions for your local or regional business.  We develop a strategy just for your business that relates to where you are located, what you want to accomplish, your particular area and who you are competing with.  From there, we launch a plan that will help you gain every possible advantage in your local area on the web and should increase your ranking in the natural search engine results when someone searches for your product or service.

Important Note: One of the elements that we feel sets us apart is that we do limit our customers to only one category of business for a particular locality or region. So, if you run a pest control company in Peoria, you are the only pest control company we work with in your local competitive area. This way, we don’t take on competitors, as this creates a situation where two customers pay the same and one of our customers is #2, while the other is #1, making for a 50% unhappy customer ratio!  We don’t think that’s fair so we don’t do it.  When signing up, we will review your company category and the areas where you want to own the presence for and then will let you know if there is a conflict.

We operate in essentially similar areas to radio and tv local advertising markets as a general rule so you are typically not just limited to a “town” or “city”.  We want you to get business from as wide an area as you can service.  Also, if you are running radio or cable tv, our programs will be a match for your prospect areas as well.

Oh, and for the record, we don’t do “black hat” or gimmicky SEO work that will hurt you in the long run. We also don’t play (key)word games with guarantees.  Anyone who “guarantees you a number one ranking on Google” is essentially selling you magic beans and promising you a beanstalk. (If you need to be number one tomorrow, that’s fine.  Paid search advertising is the way to go and we can help with that too on a local level).

If you are ready to start, CLICK HERE to see pricing and fill out the initial information.  Our guess is you need some additional convincing and want to learn about how we actually help you.  Keep reading!


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We have a specific way of doing things designed to get you results as quickly as possible. There are hundreds of factors that go into obtaining more customers from the web that we employ.  The following outlines the main ways we impact this for your business.

We work on a monthly service basis and while you should expect results even the first month, SEO is a commitment that multiplies efforts over time.  There is unfortunately no “done” to SEO, as the web is constantly changing, so a one-time shot can help a little, but it will only help for a little while.


The Short Version of what we do:

Monthly Site Local Search Presence Building

  • Local search listing maximization and management including Google Places and Yahoo Local.
  • Site submission or proper re-submission of large search engines as well as local and industry-relevant engines and directories.
  • Actual in-store material to use for driving additional web and customer traffic and helping your customers feel connected.
  • We develop & publish customized articles and posts that not only help with improved search rankings but customer traffic to your site.
  • Link building with high ranking and relevant sites to improve your site rankings in all engines.
  • Site expansion to increase search ranking and potential customer trust building and conversion.
  • Complete monthly reporting on ranking, scoring, link additions and competitive comparisons.
  • Your ranking improves and you see increased qualified visitor traffic and get more phone calls to your business.

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The Longer (and more detailed version) of what we do:

Monthly Site Local Search Presence Building


We provide a complete local business marketing system to help you show up in the best positions when people search for your local products or services.

When you search for your company on the search engines, you will likely find yourself listed on this or that directory and even on a map in Google.  That’s great, but it’s only half the story.  Most local businesses don't know how to maximize and control their current local listings they already have and also get their site listed with the major search engine local directories, and the hundreds of specialty and other directories online.  We know everyone “Googles”, but there are also lots of other directories that tie in with other sites where people spend time on and start their searches from and they are often just as important if you really want to “own” your market.

Visibility Improvements

Local search set up for maximum visibility and rank

The way search engines work right now is that they try and help the user figure out what they are looking for.  This means that if someone types in a generic term like “best plumber”, the engines will typically include local results First to help them.  This is great for you because you will appear before even the national companies! However, you have to be set up and listed properly to get these benefits!


We get your business's physical location and information correctly placed into the major search engines local areas, phone directory pages, portals, and relevant directories to your business category (there are multiple listings out there that are likely relevant to your business).


This process also includes getting you on the large search engine maps correctly, potentially increasing drop in and prospect phone calls as well as visitors to your site.  We set up or change your Google Places and Yahoo Local listings to maximize their exposure and presence.


We help you take control and “ownership” for the listings out there that you appear on so we can update them and maximize your exposure. We then work with you on several effective methods we use in-house to get the most visibility and customer conversion for your local listing. Getting lots of “hits” is irrelevant if you don’t see any new business.


We of course report on all the listings for you and update the elements that need to change on a specific schedule.


Search Engine Submission and Updates

You can’t be found without being seen

You still need to give the search engines the correct information for you to be seen properly.  Even if you are ranked somewhere, there is still likely a lot that can help your business become ranked higher.

Many people ask us “Do you still need to submit websites to search engines and directories?” The answer is yes, if you understand why you are doing it and what results you want.  There are lots of reasons to submit your site to the secondary search engines and re-submit properly to the big boys.

The main mission behind search engine and directory submission today is really to develop quality links as opposed to traffic building. Search engines now have yet another chance to show love to your site if they find links to it on other sites or if you have submitted a proper Sitemap. But directories that may help your ranking still won't include your site unless you submit it.

Lastly, as a company that specializes in Local SEO, we get you properly listed on not only general search engines and directories, but also specialized search engines that relate to your business. Again, if you're a plumber,  while your customer may not go to the national plumbing directory website to find you, the search engines do see it and it drives your ranking even higher in a related local search from a real potential customer in your area.

We also take care of creation and submission of elements like sitemaps that are still important for the search engines to “understand” what you have to offer – especially on a local level.

Reputation Building

We take care of you by building your reputation on the web through increasing your visibility and relevance. We do it all, including writing exclusive content for your site and building the quality links to your site that will help your ranking improve.

Google and the other search engines have always looked to the “popularity” of a site to help rank it. One of the ways they do this is by looking at who is talking about you and how relevant to your actual products the people doing the talking are.  How many links you have to your site and their relevance remains important.

The reasoning behind link popularity is that the more popular your website is with other websites, the more chances it should be given to rank higher for the same keywords.

Serious marketers understand one of the best ways to improve a site's ranking is to build high quality links that are not only relevant but highly ranked. We tap into our network of relevant and high page rank sites that can directly affect both your search ranking and increase customer traffic to your site.

What can you do to effectively boost  link popularity? Seems simple right: get as many links as you can. However, just a large number of links is not enough - link quality is an even more important sign of greatness.

For SEO link building, here are only a few of the basic rules that need to be followed (it doesn't matter who you hire, or try to do it yourself, these rules still apply):

  • It is important for the page that links to you to have a high Google PageRank.
  • Your link partners should not use link spamming methods as is so common in the “get 10,000 high quality links for $49” sites.
  • Your link partners should highlight the associated theme that relates to your business
  • You should not get too many inbound links too quickly.  This is asking for trouble and can actually do more harm than good and get you an even lower listing!
  • Get both reciprocal and one-way links pointing to you.  One way links rank higher, but the search engines want to make sure that you are actually “connected” with the web community and so they do look at reciprocal (you give one, you get one) links.
  • You should diversify your link profile to get lots of single links from lots of sites rather than a huge number of links from one site.

With the recent changes in Google’s algorithm (Panda), many of the ways SEO companies have employed have become vastly less effective.

The old trick was pretty easy and worked like this: write some generically related content and submit it to the dozens of “article directories” online. For your trouble, you got a link back which would help you with getting love from the search engines.  Submit enough articles, and your ranking improves.  Recently however with the changes from Google, many of these directories saw a decrease in nearly 80% of their traffic as Google ranked them as less important to the actual searches “real people” do to find information and stuff to buy. It also in turn, hurt sites that relied heavily on their links.

Our local search engine optimization program goes well beyond these tactics to avoid these types of problems.  Yes, we still develop (unique) content for submission, but the places we submit your articles and posts continue to get respect from both Google and all the other search engines.  These places include not just the top article directories, but an extensive network of social and information sites that relate specifically to your geo-location or type of business.

Also, we write content specifically for your company and the local niche it lives in.  We submit new articles every other week to the top sites that provide editorial links back to your site and help your search results (and also makes you look great as your company is mentioned in multiple articles about your profession in the best light).

These articles are not some pile of keywords that are automatically generated, or out-sourced at pennies per article.  We’re also not talking about generic blog comments or community forum spam. We actually have a real-live copywriter on staff (yes, their business card says “copywriter”).  They write real articles in plain English using keyword-rich language (called anchor-text in the industry) and topical information while maintaining editorial elements the top industry blogs and sites look for and accept. You need links from authority sites with targeted anchor keywords and surrounded by relevant content. We help you get just that.

Our link building efforts include multiple actions to multiple sources that all help you gain local search engine ranking and exposure, leading to getting more local customers on the web.  Below are just a few of the areas we will impact and where your links will appear:

  • Search Engines
  • Directories
  • Press release sites
  • Article directories
  • Shopping Search Engines
  • Blog Search Engines and Directories
  • Blog Communities
  • Targeted industry forums
  • Sitemap submission
  • Social bookmark site submission
  • Inbound Link analysis
  • Partnership Agreements

Site Expansion

We will expand what your site offers one of two ways.  We build an optimized area where all your articles are kept and available to the public and search engines. We can make this part of your site, or build a simple offshoot (part of your site is better).  This would be similar to

We not only build, but manage this area, so there’s no posting or anything to do on your part except service the customers you should be getting with your increased qualified web traffic.

In-Store Information and Take Away Items

Much of your local business is based on connecting with your customers face to face. We actually understand you live in the real world and not just on the web.

We provide a comprehensive package for in-store (or even in-truck) distribution that helps drive new business and repeat traffic. This package consists of tasteful small signage and cards for different purposes depending on your goals.

Once you start working with us, you will receive this material based on your goals and current situation with instructions for use in boosting your business. We take care of everything here too – no hidden costs or additional management of anything by you.  We just know these elements work and want to see our clients succeed (so you tell other businesses!).

Rank Improvement & tracking

Full tracking of areas and monthly analysis of current and potential improvements to be made

Keyword Tracking and Management

Keyword research is the single most important element to consider when seeking traffic from search engines. You just can't take the first keyword that occurs to you in connection with your business and then optimize the web pages from there.

Failing to spot which keywords will bring a good volume of targeted visitors will have a far-reaching negative effect on your business. We will tell you which terms are competitive and also frequently used by your prospects to find the goods or services they need. These are they keywords we target optimization with then provide you information and valuable suggestions for to assist in site changes.

Competitive Analysis

We provide you with a detailed and thorough keyword competition analysis where you get to see what keywords or phrases they use to gain top positions, as well as what they might be up to on the web that may affect your business.

We will analyze each your competition and their associated keywords more thoroughly than  you'd probably expect from a local-focused SEO firm. You get a easy-to-understand report of the complex measures of the local top ranked businesses consisting of their Google PageRank and Search Volume,  link popularity,  traffic rankings, overall number of pages that have included that key phrase in their TITLE tags, even prices that they pay to stay on top of the paid search results etc. This allows you to either change your keywords or even business plans to make use of those profitable "money-making" search terms.

Ranking Analysis

We know you have done it multiple times… sitting in front of your computer and typing in numerous keywords into search boxes in order to check the search engine rankings for your company website. We will handle this for you as well as letting you know how you are trending for each keyword and each search engine. This way you can see results easily.

We not only illustrate your site rankings, but we will give you information on how your site stacks up against your competitor including a “score” on how you rate.  This element reports on historical trends so you can see how our local SEO efforts positively affect you.

Link Popularity Analysis

Understanding how your links stack up gives you an understanding of your “popularity” on the web for local results and conversely potential customers to your site.

  • We keep track of your campaigns for link popularity building and find out who links to you.  You will see:
  • Who links to you - the actual sites and their exact pages where your business link appears.
  • How many websites link to your competitors
  • How your site stacks against competitors.
  • What words and phrases people use to link to your site.
  • Who links to your competitors but does not link to you.

Rebuild?  Yes, we can do that…

Is your site more than two years old? Are you unhappy with how it presents your company or tells your message? Are there so many things wrong with it from a search perspective that it would be more cost-effective to just “start over”?  We can help.  We offer full rebuilds that from the ground up to be the most “search friendly” yet are visually intriguing and tell your message to potential customers to get the best response.

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