Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses

Search Engine Optimization


We Keep SEO Simple –
We Just Do What Works.


We offer affordable SEO solutions for your local or regional business. We develop a strategy just for your business that relates to what you want to accomplish, your local area and who you are competing with. From there, we launch a SEO plan that helps you gain every possible advantage in your local area on the web.

Oh, and for the record, we don’t do “black hat” or gimmicky SEO work that will hurt you in the long run. We also don’t play games with selling you on ranking for keywords that can be “number 1”, but don’t give any real value. You benefit from an actual US-based staff who really know their stuff.

The web remains one of the most cost effective ways to reach buyers who are looking for your type of products “right now”.  Nearly half of all searches for products or services done relate to local area needs!


We offer multiple levels of optimization depending on how aggressive you want to be to drive new business and how competitive your industry and local market is.

No matter what, you always get a full-service plan at an affordable monthly investment.


SEO Research

The old adage, Know Thy Customer, still holds true. Every campaign begins with us researching to find the keywords that your prospects use when searching for your business. We help you find the keywords that have the right mix of monthly search volume and rankability. Our team turns these keywords into themes that will guide us in updating your  website and developing content designed to build profitable relationships with customers and prospects.


Engage Those Customers

We create quality content using  themes that will be appreciated and actually read by customers, prospects, bloggers and others who are excited to share persuasive content that doesn't come off as being written by an angry robot.

Our professional writers and designers create original articles, videos, graphics and infographics that inform and educate prospects and impact search rankings.

We all have to sell our stuff to keep the lights on, but too much "commercial" content is a turn-off. Real, produced content can be humorous, provocative, educational, scientific or passionate as long as it is educates, informs and truly connects the customer to the brand. The personality of your business comes through (and still guides readers to "do something")!

After we create great things, we make sure your market knows about you.  We share that great content we've written with the right people  in the right places (this is important as the search engines now are looking at this carefully). Our syndication process includes publishing content to the your website and other news sources, then reinforcing the excitement by syndicating to RSS aggregators, social bookmarking sites, social networks and more. We find the best websites for your business (remember, we talked before and figured out the important things about your business). Quality content earns links that build your brand, makes customers and prospects take actions you want them to, boost your website’s authority and improve your search rankings.


Complete Tracking Always Tells The Whole Truth

Analytics comes before, during and after every campaign. Our approach to SEO always involves tracking and tuning.

We monitor and track rankings, organic traffic from keywords and search traffic so we can adjust your plan to drive to your goals.

Tuning includes making the constant tweaks needed to make the search engines and customers find you and love you more. We use images, bulleted lists, section headings and other formatting that makes the content easy to read and visually appealing to the audience. We tune content for maximum results from search engines that scan web content for metadata and keyword themes.

Our software tracks the data that drives traffic to the website, increase sales and improve conversion rates.  You get a monthly report showing actions and results and you can even log in any time and see what is specifically going on with your campaign.

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