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Social Media Boosting

The world is changing, social media is here to stay, your competitors are spreading their message through online communities. Don’t get left behind. Tell your story with social media.


What's With All The Popularity of Social Media? 

  • Social Media Marketing uses online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to reach out to customers and build a community around your business.
  • Social Media is technically free, but it takes lots of time and consistent effort, and can actually hurt you with a half-hearted effort.
  • Social media marketing is popular because it gives you a place to speak directly with prospects and consumers about your products or services.


Why Bother (...or why not make the girl in the office that loves Facebook handle all this stuff)?:

  • Your competitors are chipping away at your business using Social Media Marketing in many cases and building trust factor for new customers.  You need to have a clear message and an actual plan to take advantage of opportunities, rather than responding with a "me-too" strategy.
  • Social media signals are gaining in importance for ranking in the search engines and an understanding of their algorithms is essentially in developing and implementing a strategy that works is essential.
  • Social media marketing is about consistency, and a structured strategic plan builds measurable results.


You Can Track Success!

When you go with a structured campaign for social media, you get regular comprehensive details on the progress on your Social campaigns including:

  • Mentions
  • Source
  • Sentiment
  • Details of the social conversation


One More Time... Why It Works:

  • Social signals are increasingly relevant to search rankings
  • Online communities enable direct conversation with interested people
  • Strategic, consistent messaging in popular digital communities increases brand awareness and positive interactions
  • Interactive content engages participants
  • Outsourced social media streamlines social media management
  • Appropriate social media relationships and impressions generate leads


Hey, how a bout a review of what you and your competitors are doing in the Social Media arena?  We'll give you some ideas you might be able to implement yourself and let you know if the programs we offer might be a fit for you!  Go ahead, it's totally Free.


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